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Osceola County is located in beautiful West Central Michigan.  

The land that is now known as Osceola County was acquired through an 1836 treaty with Native Americans.  The land was surveyed in 1838.  In 1840 it was named "Unwaltin" after the Chief of the Ottawa tribe.  It later became known as Osceola. 


Around 1850 the lumber industry became an important influence in the County's development.  White and Norway pine stands near waterways were already being bought.In 1855 the first township, Richmond Township, was created.  It encompassed all of what is now Osceola County.  The township was given its name by D.A. Blodgett, one of the first and most prominent pioneers.  Blodgett, who moved to the area because of his involvement in the lumber business, settled in Hersey and began raising horses and farming.


The 1860 Census shows only 27 residents.  In 1869 the Village of Hersey was formed as the county seat.  In 1870 Reed City was formed and the census indicates the area had grown to 2,200 residents.  In 1871 the Villages of Evart (now the City of Evart) and Tustin were formed.  By 1874 the population had grown to 6,216 residents.  In 1883 the Village of LeRoy was formed and in 1889 the Village of Marion was formed. Lumber continued to influence the area's growth.  The first rail service, built to transport lumber, was constructed in 1878.  A rail junction was later constructed in Reed City.  The county seat was moved to Reed City in 1927 after a long dispute with Hersey.

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