The mission of the Osceola County Genealogical Society is to provide the public with access to the past. Some of our look-up services include lookup of:

Update on the1884 States Census. The following townships have been completed; Burdell, Cedar, LeRoy, Lincoln and Richmond. We have 18 pages complete on Hersey township.

  • 1894 State Census

Update on the 1894 State Census. None of the townships have been completed but Hersey township has completed 21 pages and Burdell close to completion. Check for future updates

  • Civil War Veterans

Civil War Veterans project update. About 30% of the Civil War veterans have been completed and scanned as a PDF. The indexed list which is about 85% complete can be viewed below.


  • Newspapers on microfilm (available in Reed City)

                       LeRoy Independent Jan 7 1898 - Dec 30, 1898

                       Chase Eclipse Feb 16, 1882 - May 24, 1883

                       Osceola County Democrat Nov 8, 1893 - Apr 29, 1908

                       Reed City Clarion July 12, 1878 - July 14, 1915

                       Osceola County Herald May 16, 1918 - Dec 2000

                       Pioneer Osceola Edition Oct 18, 2000 - May 18, 2005

 (some of the above have some missing editions so contact us to verify)

  • Newspapers on microfilm (available in Evart Public Library) 

                      Evart Review Oct 10, 1872 - Oct 11, 2000

                      Pioneer (Evart Edition) Oct 18, 2000 - Dec 31, 2008

 (missing issues for 1946 and 1962)

Other lookup services include:

     Newspaper obituary $5 without exact date

     Newspaper obituary $3 with exact date

Further research can be done by experienced local genealogists within the society, please email us with your queries. Charges for research will be based on the extent of the search.  Provide us with hardcopies you already have and send them to us This will reduce duplication in searching. This can include vital records (birth, marriage, divorce or death)

You can make any payment or donation through Paypal.

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